Blue Note Napa

Blue Note Napa (map)

The Dance Party is playing in the San Francisco Bay Area! In our first appearance at the Blue Note in Napa, we’ll be playing two sets (at 7:00PM and 9:00PM), premiering some new tunes, as well as bringing back some classics in swing, funk, video game/anime themed, and original styles! Tickets for both sets available here.

Armando's in Martinez

Armando's in Martinez (map)

In our second Bay Area show in three nights, the Dance Party is playing two sets at Armando’s in Martinez! Get ready for some great feeling grooves and inspiring solos from all of the great players in the band! Sets at 8:00PM and 9:00PM, tickets sold at the door.

Sitka Jazz Festival

Sitka Jazz Festival (map)

The Dance Party is traveling up to the Sitka Jazz Festival for our first performance outside of the contiguous United States! We’ll be performing and teaching for 3 days in Sitka, Alaska, with some world premiere arrangements by Kyle to feature some of our great soloists including Leo Pellegrino, Bijon Watson, and Eddie Barbash! Tickets available here.